Milo Eubank

Named after legendary trumpet player Miles Davis, Miles Eubank (Milo) was, in a way, born into music. The Seattle native first discovered his passion for music when his parents introduced him to guitarist Santana at The Gorge Amphitheater in 1999. Captivated by the concert's energy, the rest was history. Over the years playing guitar in many pop punk and rock bands the passion and love for music led to the discovery of the technical side, producing and engineering. After schooling he landed his first real engineering gig interning at Seattle's legendary grunge/rock studio Robert Lang Studios. In 2016 Miles started to notice a shift in the music industry and decided to take a leap of faith to develop Lost Boys Studios and provide the city and its artists a comfortable space to create regardless of genre or a major labor backing, a space he had wished was available while growing up in pop punk bands. Fast forward to 2022, Lost Boys Studios has become one of the most in demand studios in Seattle among artists searching for quality and a space to call home, with Miles to help guide them on their musical journey.


Lil Mosey, 28Av, Kesha, Macklemore, Sam Lachow, Chase Henny, Jay Park, Scarlet Parke, Anthony Danza

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